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History of Organization
The work for the establishment of Shri Bhagwat Bhakti Ashram was started in 1918 by late Rao Balbir Singh ji. According to the wishes of his Guru Paramanand ji Maharaj. Being a great humanitarian the late Rao Balbir Singh ji had donated about 200 acres (82 ha approx.) of land separately for setting up various institutions. In addition he donated the entire land of village Daliaki for running the various establishments and to provide them financial assistance for the welfare of the people. This Ashram is a marvellous living example of devotion to god, public welfare, rural development.

Genesis of Krishi Vigyan Kendra

To promote activities for development of agriculture and allied fields by training farmers, farm women, youths and landless, poor and scheduled caste persons, the ICAR accorded sanction in July 1983 for the establishment of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Shri Bhagwat Bhakti Ashram a voluntary oraganisation. However, the actual work of KVK started from 1 March 1984 on appointment of a minimum necessary staff.The Krishi Vigyan Kendra is the grass-root-level vocational training institution designed for bridging the gap between the available technologies and their application for increased production among farming community. For this purpose, vocational scientific training in Crop Production, Plant Protection, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering, Fisheries, Soil Science, Agriculture Extension and Home Science is imparted to the farmers and the farm women both in the campus and villages by following the principle of Teaching by doing and learning by doing.

Aim of KVK

Krishi Vigyan Kendra is an innovative Transfer of Technology project of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research , which is launched with the aim to reduce the time lag between the generation of technologies and their transfer to the farmers in the larger interest of the farmers and for improved agricultural production.

Mandate of KVK
  • Collaborate with Subject-Matter specialists of the State Agricultural Universities/ Scientists of the Regional Research Stations (NARP) and the State Extension personnel in “On Farm Trials” refining and documenting technologies for developing region specific sustainable land use systems.
  • Organize trainings to update the Extension personnel within the area of operation with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis.
  • Organize short and long term vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the farmers and rural youths with emphasis on “learning by doing” for higher production on farms and generating self-employment.
  • Organize front line demonstration in various crops to generate production data and feed back information.
  • Work as resource and knowledge centre of Agricultural Technology to support the initiatives of public, private and voluntary sectors for improving the agricultural economy of the district.
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