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On the basis of advance technology needs of the farming community and the future potential of agriculture in the district of Rewari. This KVK has identified the thrust areas in different disciplines. These are described below

Crop Production

1.  Adoption of improved technologies in crop production.
2.  Use of  bio-fertilizer. 
3.  Use of balanced fertilizer.
4.  Integrated weed Management.

Plant Protection

1.  Integrated insect pest management.
2.  Integrated disease management.

Soil Science

1.  Soil and water testing.
2. Maintenance of soil productivity through crop-residue management, green-manuring and use of farmyard      manure.
3.  Safe use of brackish water.

Horticultural Development

1.  Plantation of arid fruit plants in cluster.
2.  Top-work technology in jujube (ber) plants.
3.  Rejuvenation of old orchard and management of garden.
4.  Popularization of improved cultivation practices in vegetables.

Animal Husbandry

1.  Balanced feeding and housing management of milch animals.
2.  Breed improvement by artificial insemination.
3.  Vaccination and infertility control.
4.  Control of internal and external parasites.

Agricultural Engineering

1.  Improvement in tillage practices and reduction in labour requirement by using improved implements.
2. Resource conversation practices using zero village seed cum fertilizer drill and laser land leveling for      better field preparation.
3. Efficient use of available irrigation water using drip and sprinkler systems and to enhance soil and water      conversation practices.  
4.  Care and maintenance of farm power machinery and agricultural implements.

Home Science

1.  Health care and nutrition in children.
2.  Participation of women in agriculture.
3.  Tailoring course for rural women.
4.  Fruit and vegetable preservation and nutrition education.
5.  Household food security by kitchen gardening.

Agriculture Extension

1.  Training of different target groups based on the socio-economic aspects of farming communities.
2.  Impact studies of KVK activities, generation of reports, publication and documentation.
3.  To aware rural farmers about different schemes and projects implemented for sustainable livelihood.
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